Cut a piece of ribbon that wraps around the length of your package with several inches to spare. Repeat for the width of your package. Place your Fobbie® in the middle of the package. Weave the end of the long ribbon up through an inner slot and back down through the adjacent slot. Gently pull the ribbon so you leave a few inches loose. Wrap the ribbon under and over the package and weave the ribbon through the opposite slots. Leave the ribbon slightly loose.Repeat for the package's width.
Now you can adjust the Fobbie® to sit anywhere on the package. Pull the ribbon ends to secure the fobbie™ in place. Trim ends to desired length.Gift Wrapping in a Cinch!
Any ribbon will work with your Fobbie®. If the Fobbie® seems slightly loose, stick a curled up piece of tape to the back and secure to package.

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